The dryer which we developed adopts a new dry technical "wave heat pipe system".

By this method to reproduce drying in the sun faithfully, I can just taste material original taste, a flavor, a texture, umami.


Seafood:     sea cucumber, scallops, octopus, squid, fish

Vegetables: cabbage, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, Japanese radish,

                  edible wild plant (bamboo shoot, butterbur, Allium victorialis) other

Fruits:         pineapple, strawberry, papaya, kiwi fruit, watermelon other

pineapple, kiwi fruit, tomato, papaya, sea cucumber, japanese radish, scallos tips
Examples of dry food that is made in this dryer

Examples of dry food that is made in this dryer

  Japanese radish Onion Fish(maruboshi) Carrot Pumpkin
Drying time 36H 40H 48H 38H 43H
Yield rate 7~10% 15~18% 40~45% 40~54% 17~20%
  Abalone Yacon Shiitake mushroom Tomato Kelp
Drying time 15Day 36H 48H 48H 11H
Yield rate 20% 15~18% 10% 10~20% 65~75%
  Scallops Sea cucumber Allium victorialis Octopus Squid※
Drying time 48H 96H 16H 45H 12H
 Yield rate 38~40% 4~5% 20% 35~40% 75~80% 

※ Our dry track record of the past four years.  ※ squid in the case of dried overnight.

※ yield :( dry weight after / dry weight before) × 100%

Horse mackerel
Horse mackerel


Uniformity of temperature

High thermal conductivity,the outer tube wall temperature is almost constant.

There is no difference of thermal cycling,uniform temperature setting.

CO2 reduction

By reducing fuel use, and reduce CO2 emissions.

I help in the prevention of global warming.

Energy saving

Because it has excellent thermal conductivity,low temperature decrease or increase is in operation,the running cost is significantly reduced.


 One set of dryer (storage of prefab house type)

Size  L4000-W1530-H2092 mm
Weight  1000kg
 Power supply

 Three-phase, AC200V 10kw

 Single-phase, AC100V 5kw


 I including tank, the power supply

 Drying stand: wave heat pipe  3m-4ren-7step

 Water: 20A

※ Because there is only from 1 meter length of wave heat pipe,

    you will not be able to hear the production of a less size. 

 Drying stand

Size  L3330×W780×H1540 mm 

 Drying stand: SUS304 2B

 wave heat pipe: Stainless