Industry's First Achievement of Synthetic Sterilizing Component Identical to Live Body'!!


Guard securely against food bacteria up to medhical waste contamination,By excellent disinfecting power with ensured safety and economy!

What is BACSTER-Z?

What is BACSTER-Z ?

  • Performance equivalent to sodium hypochlorite concentration of 1,000 ppm effective for sterilization of norovirus.
  • Alcohol-refractory norovirus and endospore-forming bacteria can be sterilized.
  • Realizing approx. 20-times the sterilizing properties and approx.80-times the immediate effectivity compared to sodium hypochlorite.
  • Approx 10-times the sterilizing properties and hundreds of times the enduring strength compared to acid electrolysis.
  • Low metal corrosion unlike sodium hypochlorite and acid electrolysis
  • Worry-free use thanks to alcohol-free processes that can cause fire hazard and chapped hands.
  • Spatial spray for protection of aerial infection, droplet infection, etc.can be done withaout damage to the human body
  • Die-hard bacteria and bad smells from fifth, garbage, cigarette ashes,etc.can be instantaneosly decomposed

[Image of sterilizing method of living organisms]

Excerpted and added to

[Biological Science:No.4(1998)]Page 53

Sterilizing method learned from life

In the event bacteria or virus invade the body,neutrophils activate the metabolism to produce active oxygen and will ultimately generate hypochlorite after going through complex processes.Neutrophils demolish the cell membranes of foreign enemies using the hypochlorite as a weapon to destroy even resistant bacteria,not to mention common bacteria,thereby preventing bacteria from growing proliferously insides the body.It is BACSTER-Z that has brought the first real success in the synthesis of all-powerful as well as safe germicidal agent utilizing the dexterous sterilizing mechanism of living organisms.

Four excellent features

1.Excellent Safety

 The figure represents a comparative graphic display of safety and sterilizing properties with reference to tap water.It is clear that glutaral used in medical practice has extremely strong disinfecting power,but has high toxicity; and that tap water shows extremely high safety,but is weak in disinfection power. BACSTER-Z is the ultimate bactericidal substance combining both traits.

2.Excellent Economy

  The figure represents a comparative display of costs with reference to glutaral. BACSTER-Z has sterilizing power equivalent to glutaral noted for its extremely high sterilizing power, and at the same time, achieve remarkable cost reduction.

3.Excellent Sterilizing Power 

The figure represents a comparative display of sterilizing properties with reference to sodium hypochlorite.BACSTER-Z marked 230-times the sterilizing power in the disinfection of candida, and 80-times the immediate effectivity in colibacilli.

4.Excellent Versatility 

 The figure represents a comparative display of advantages and disadvantages of various sterilizing agents. BACSTER-Z demonstrated strong disinfecting power to the bacteria having extremely high endurance to heat, chemical agents, etc.due to their spore-forming properties, without creating harmful effects on user's hands/fingers and mucous membranes.

↑ Applicable object and antibacterial spectra

Example of the use of bacster-z